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Corey Peters Injury: Defensive Tackle Will Undergo MRI Today

The Falcons have to hope they dodged a bullet with the gifted tackle.

Scott Cunningham

It's not a stretch to say that Corey Peters was the best Falcon on the field yesterday, or at least close to it. He also exited the game with a knee injury, sparking plenty of anxiety that the Falcons were somehow about to get worse.

We still don't know what Peters' status is, but he did re-enter the game yesterday. Here's the latest:

The Falcons still have half a season of football to go, even if we're aware that they're going to be fighting for the sake of fighting. Losing Peters would take an already grim season and make it that much more grim, to say the least. It would also suck for Peters, who is an impending free agent.

Let's cross our fingers for Corey Peters today. This team could really use him.

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