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Sean Weatherspoon Injury: Setback May Mean 'Spoon Misses Buffalo Game

The linebacker has not had the kind of season he hoped to.

Kevin C. Cox

When the Falcons picked Sean Weatherspoon in 2010, I think most Falcons fans were pretty thrilled. Here was an incredibly athletic, gifted linebacker to pair with Curtis Lofton. The future was bright!

In 2013, Lofton has moved on to New Orleans (booooo!) and 'Spoon is having a lousy year. He's played in only four games this season, with a combined 23 tackles and no plays that jump off the tape to you. Since returning from his injury, he's looked somewhere close to mediocre. That has a lot to do with the injury, naturally, but it's shaping up to be a loser year for 'Spoon.

Now comes the news that 'Spoon was downgraded to a limited practice on Friday, just a day after practicing fully. That doesn't bode well for his status on Sunday against the Bills, to say the least, and it means even if he plays he's awfully likely to be limited.

There's going to be plenty of time to talk about his career going forward, but ultimately a guy who can't stay on the field for 16 games most seasons doesn't offer enough value. I'm still a believer in 'Spoon's talent, but in three out of his four NFL seasons he's been unable to suit up. This isn't a matter of toughness so much as misfortune, but when you're building a team, an injury history like that starts to look suspect.

If 'Spoon can't go, the Falcons will likely roll with Paul Worrilow, Joplo Bartu and Omar Gaither. Thoughts about Weatherspoon's injury?