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Falcons vs. Panthers: The Offensive Line Must Be Watched

Choosing a unit, not a player, for this week's Falcon to Watch. Sue me.

Kevin C. Cox

Normally I choose just one Falcon to watch in any given week, but given the task ahead, I chose the entire offensive line.

We know enough about the line to be cynical by now. They're soft. They can't run block worth a damn. Their pass blocking chops come and go. Elite defensive lines eat them alive. They're going to get Matt Ryan killed.

Some of that is true, some of it isn't. This is indisputably the second straight game in which the Falcons have faced a scary defensive front seven, one well-equipped to stuff the run game and get after Matt Ryan. I firmly believe that if the defense can at least hold its own and the offensive line can give Matt Ryan enough time to find the open man, the Falcons can hang around in this one. If they can't, it's going to be a brutal game for Atlanta.

So keep your eyes on the offensive line and hope they've got a great day in them. We may just be looking at the upset special if they do.

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