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Be Thankful for the Falcons, Even if it Hurts

Fact: Jonathan Massaquoi's cereal never gets soggy - it just sits there, staying crispy, only for him.

It's not been an easy year, no one would dispute that. But Falcons fandom has never been easy. Even with the recent successes of the team during the Mike Smith era, heartbreak has been a regular occurrence throughout the franchise's history. From the 2nd round loss to the Packers in 2010 to last season's infamous "10 yards from the Superbowl" debacle, the Falcons certainly know how to disappoint.

I've read countless "I'm done with this team until they get it together" comments in recent weeks. I understand the frustration. If you need a minute, or a week, or a few months, take that time. But let's be honest, in the end, you will be back. You will be back because you love the Falcons, and you love the emotional highs and accompanying lows that are part and parcel of following them. You've said you were done before, you've said you'd never let them disappoint you again, and then you came back.

I'm personally thankful for the Falcons because they're a permanent, reliable fixture in my week. The economy can tank, work can be difficult, my pets' heads can fall off, but one thing is certain. Barring a bye week, the Falcons will play on Sunday. They'll field a 53 man roster, rain, shine, or snow, and I'll hope like hell that they come out on top. Maybe they won't, but when they do, oh man, it's glorious.

So there you have it. In short, that's why I'm grateful for the Falcons, even when it hurts. Call me a homer, because I am one. And I like it.

Why are you grateful for the Falcons?