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The Falcoholic expert picks: Week 13

Will the Falcons win this week? I don't know, but no one here seems confident about their chances against the BUFFALO BILLS.

Scott Cunningham

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. I hope everyone is enjoying listening to their families sit around and argue over politics, because that's how I imagine most households. Thankfully football is on today to distract us.

The Falcons battled the Saints for a full four quarters last week, finally proving that they can somewhat resemble the team we were hoping for this season. Will that play translate to success in the remaining games. I'm not sure, but I at least feel confident enough to pick them against Buffalo.

Take a look at our picks for Week 13. James is clearly cheating because he keeps picking the Bucs and they're winning. He went 5-0 last week. Cheater.

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Apparently I'm the only one who believes the Falcons can dismantle the mighty reign of the all-powerful Bills. I understand Buffalo has a strong defensive line, which could be problematic, but for some reason I think Mike Smith can rally the troops after nearly defeating New Orleans. But I've been way off every time I pick the Falcons this season, so who knows.

The Saints-Seahawks matchup is the best game of the week. Caleb and I think Drew Brees can find a way to get the best of Seattle's steroid-filled secondary (are they all going to receive some sort of suspension?). Should be a fun one to watch.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday and don't have to endure any more of Fall Out Boy mixed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Damn you, Macy's Day Parade. What are your picks this week?