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Falcons' Bad Offensive Line Play Could Get Much Worse Against the Bills

Fact: Matt Ryan likes getting hit, because sacks are like hugs without the feelings

Scott Cunningham

This is type of season where you repeatedly think the team has reached its "rock bottom." You're sure they're there, that things couldn't possibly get any worse, then they progress from fail to epic fail. It's almost like clockwork, and with the Falcons' stretch run comprised of some formidable opponents, we probably haven't seen the worst case scenario just yet. It all starts with the Bills' impressive defense.

“When you turn on the film, (it’s) an extremely aggressive front seven, really good defensive linemen,” Ryan said. “Kiko Alonso, their middle linebacker, is playing really, really well. He flies around, makes a lot of plays. It’s going to be a tough challenge for us.”

It is what it is. If anything, these last 5 games will expose every deficiency, assisting the front office in their player evaluation. I'm concerned about the offensive line trying to get it together when Matt Ryan's health is at stake, especially when we're facing a team that leads the league in sacks. In short, it may not be pretty.

Your thoughts?