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Why The Buffalo Bills Are Going To Make Matt Ryan's Life Miserable

The Falcons' quarterback is trapped in a hell caused by defensive tackles.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan has not had easy sledding this last month or so. He's created some of his problems himself, but many more have been created by the Falcons' offensive line, which has a loose grasp on the "blocking" concept.

This is not going to get better in the week ahead. While the Buffalo Bills tilt in Toronto looks like one of the last winnable games of the season, I can't in good conscience say I expect that to happen.

That's largely because of a dominant Buffalo Bills line. The Bills have two defensive tackles who have seven sacks on the season in Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams, for one thing. They also have Mario Williams at defensive end. When you consider that the Falcons have been sending a human turnstile out there at right guard and have no one approaching a great lineman anywhere on the line, this has the potential to be an ugly game for these Falcons.

It may also be a chance for the Falcons to evaluate. They've called up Terren Jones, Ryan Schraeder is in the mix at right tackle and right guard is about as unsettled as you can possibly get. If it's going to be ugly already, it's worth trying these guys out. Just don't get the quarterback killed.

I think, due to a combination of his own decision-making and the pressure facing him, that we have to brace ourselves for a couple more lousy games from Matt Ryan as we wind down a supremely ugly season. Those rooting for the highest possible draft pick may find that comforting.

Thoughts on Sunday's matchup?

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