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Recognizing the Obvious, Thomas Dimitroff is Excited about the Talented Linemen in the 2014 Draft

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff gets uncontrollably incontinent whenever Arthur Blank frowns.


I don't think there's any doubt the Falcons will need to focus their attention on the offensive and defensive fronts during the 2014 draft and free agency. It's painfully obvious, kinda like Alex Welch's morosity. And thank Vishnu, it appears Thomas Dimitroff is on the same page!

“Now moving forward on to (2014), there are some really hot positions out there right, interestingly enough, along both fronts, again, which is rare to have two seasons in a row that there a number of defensive linemen out there as well as a number of offensive linemen that are going to be difference makers,” Dimitroff said. “So, that’s a positive.”

It sounds like somebody has already progressed into off-season mode. Can't say that I blame him, though to be honest, this type of evaluation is something the team does all year long. Heck, the Falcons could be 11-0 right now and the front office would nonetheless be in evaluation mode.

Then, of course, there's the GM speak. Common toward the tail end of the season when your team isn't in contention, GM speak is a form of pokeresque bluffing every NFL team employs. For once though, I'm hoping Dimitroff means what he's saying. I'm hoping he really is excited about the offensive and defensive linemen in the draft, with an eye towards adding the most talented of the bunch to the Falcons' roster.

Your thoughts?