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Falcons Sign Terren Jones To Active Roster; Robiskie Out

Mammoth OL Terren Jones is getting his NFL shot. Coach's son Brian Robiskie is no longer with the team.

Scott Cunningham


As you can plainly see with your own two eyeballs, Terren Jones has been signed to the active roster, and Brian Robiskie has been waived. Robiskie didn't do much in his time with the team. In fact, I totally forgot he was on the team, because superstar Darius Johnson made us all forget about him.

Terren Jones, the South Alabama product, is a hulk of a guy and is very raw, but has the size to be a legitimate lineman in the NFL. Now he's getting his chance at it.

This also goes along with the youth movement the Falcons have discusses a few times. Terren Jones may not see the field, but now he'll be getting practice reps with a higher squad.

Best of luck to Robiskie, and here's to hoping Terren Jones is the OL's solution to its problems, even though he probably isn't.

Thoughts on the move?

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