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Falcons Teammate of the Week: Desmond Trufant

The rookie cornerback impressed against New Orleans.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This time of year, when your hope for the season has dwindled to nothing and you're looking for bright spots, it's always nice to have a quality rookie to point to. Desmond Trufant is that rookie.

The first round pick had one of his finest games of the season against the Saints, raising his passes defensed total for the season to either 14 (if you believe the NFL) or 12 (if you believe ESPN). If not for William Moore being always ready to jack up a teammate, Trufant may have grabbed an interception against the Saints, as well. He got PFF's highest grade of the week for the defense.

At this point, it's becoming routine to single out Trufant for praise around here. There will always be a section of the fanbase that zeroes in on the stiff arm he took from Pierre Thomas and decides that Tru isn't a physical enough player. I think he's a fine tackler, easily the best cover cornerback on the roster today and a promising piece of this team's future. Robert Alford is going to be phenomenal someday, I believe, but Trufant is getting it done every week right now.

So Tru's our player of the week. Who's yours?

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