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Saints vs. Falcons: a Tweet Recap of What Might Have Been

The Falcons came so close. So close.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If there's anything positive to take away from losing to the Saints, it's that the Falcons only lost by four points. They might have only lost by one point, had Matt Bryant not missed the post-icing attempt at a field goal at the end, but they still very likely would have lost. It's possible, though, that by extending that little bit of hope for a win over their most dreaded rivals, and then snatching it away, is actually worse than being blown out by the Saints. Or, it's possible that losing is just terrible regardless of the circumstances.

Samuel L. Jackson was in the Georgia Dome for last night's game.

The Falcons looked good early. The defense looked really dominant on the first series in particular. The offense moved the ball efficiently, on the ground and through the air. It was refreshing.

I like those Seahawks fans.

The refs made a controversial call early in the game. The Saints' Akiem Hicks put a hit on Matt Ryan that was identical to the hit San Francisco's Ahmad Brooks put on Drew Brees last week, a hit that drew a flag on Brooks and negated a fumble and recovery by the Niners. Brooks was also fined significantly for the hit. There was no flag for Hicks' hit on Ryan, and it was not the only missed call that favored the Saints on the night, not by a long shot.

Save a very, very costly fumble late in the game, which is kind of par for the course for the Falcons this season, Darius Johnson looked excellent yesterday.

Drew Brees is short, and Saints fans are sensitive about it.

Yes, Matt Bryant missed a field goal toward the end of the game that would have narrowed the Saints' lead to one point. It's unusual for him. Bryant hit a huge milestone for the Falcons last night.

The refs weren't the only ones creating controversy on the field. About half of the Falcons' fan base melted down when Matt Ryan scrambled, but slid well short of a touchdown.

It's only weird if it doesn't work, you guys. (By the way, it didn't work, so I guess it is weird.)

Steven Jackson ran angry last night. We're seeing shades of what the Falcons actually expected from him when they signed him. It's unfortunate that, due to various reasons, it's just now happening, but it is happening.

I miss Todd McClure.

Can we just all accept that dunking over the goalpost and messing it up just means that Jimmy Graham is doing it wrong, instead of acting like it's some special kind of beast-mode goalpost dunk?

Speaking of tight ends who know how to dunk over a goalpost, Tony Gonzalez hit a special milestone last night, also.

Falcons fans, it's one bad season. You've got to chill.

Dave illustrates why he's in charge of making up player nicknames.

Drew Brees is eloquent.

And, at the end of the day, we're all left with crushed hopes and overwhelming disappointment. Again.

Mr. Blank looked displeased.

But there's always a bright side.

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