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Morten Andersen Deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

A lighter note following Thursday night's game and an argument for Morten Andersen's candidacy.


After last night's game, I thought it might be nice to turn our focus to something a little more positive. Something beloved. Something Danish.

The NFL has released its Hall of Fame candidate list for 2013, and Morten Andersen is prominent on it.He's the NFL's all-time leader in scoring and he famously kicked in the NFL until he was 47, which is damned impressive no matter what you think of the position he plays.

That's not why we love the guy, of course. We love Morten Andersen because he was the Falcons' kicker for eight seasons, the guy whose leg provided the three points that sent the Falcons to their only Super Bowl. We love him because he was a damn good player, and we pretend he wasn't a Saint at one point.

It's rare, given this franchise's not-so-storied history, to have the opportunity to see a former Falcon go into the Hall of Fame. I'm rooting hard for Morten Andersen, and I hope you are too.

Talk Andersen in the comments, if you would.

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