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The Falcoholic expert picks: Week 12

Chris Graythen

The Falcons get another shot at a prime time win tonight. Unfortunately we're forced to endure another matchup with the Saints, and we can only hope this time around is as closely contested as the first.

New Orleans beat Atlanta in Week 1 by a single score. Last week's debacle only added to the woes, so how close do we expect Thursday night's game to be? Judging by our picks, not very. Take a look at our selections for Week 11.

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Dave is our fearless leader for a reason. He's sticking with the Falcons this week. I chose them last week to beat the Bucs, and I was sorely mistaken. I wish I could remain confident about their chances. Hopefully some sort of miracle takes place at the Dome.

James liked his Bucs pick from Week 11 so much that he's taking them again. Everyone agree on the Panthers and 49ers winning. That leaves Sunday night's game as the biggest split among the group.

Personally, I took the Patriots because I just can't see them losing back-to-back matchups, especially after what transpired against the Panthers. This is one of the most intriguing matchups of 2013. Can Peyton outscore Brady?

What's your take on the matchups for Week 11?