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Tony Gonzalez Injury: Back To Practice, Reynolds Running With First Team

An injury and starting lineup update the day before Thursday Night Football.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The Atlanta Falcons need to be as healthy and as effective as possible to beat the hated Saints in the Georgia Dome Thursday night. The healthy part appears to be coming together.

It's worth noting that Dominique Davis is practicing, so Matt Ryan's backup will be available. The only guy who isn't going to play this week, if I had to wager, is Malliciah Goodman. Gonzalez is going to be out there, Roddy White is going to be out there and the defense will be about as full-strength as it can get at this point.

Also worth noting: The Falcons are rolling with Garrett Reynolds at right guard, with Peter Konz riding the bench. Joe Hawley will start at center. Meanwhile, on the right side of the line, the Falcons are giving three candidates shots to take the starting job this week:

Weigh in on the injuries and tell me who you think will start at right tackle this week.

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