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Report: Falcons Work Out Two Quarterbacks

The Falcons suddenly realize they only have two quarterbacks, one of whom is injured.

Scott Cunningham

Dominique Davis came into the game against Tampa Bay swinging, looking fairly sharp despite the circumstances. Then he got hurt. Ever since then, we've been left trying to divine his status for tomorrow night's game based on the injury report, which has listed him as a limited participant in practice.

Now we've received a signal that either Davis isn't going to be ready to go or that the Falcons are updating their emergency list in case things go further awry. Adam Caplan reported the team worked out two quarterbacks.

Neither of these guys are particularly inspiring, but at this point in the season, that's what you have left for backup quarterbacks. Edwards, 30, has 26 touchdowns and 30 interceptions over six seasons, most recently with the Bears and Eagles. The former Bills draft pick has bounced around as a third-quarterback type for several seasons now.

Kafka, 26, is a noodle-armed passer who showed some promise for the Eagles back in 2011. He's bounced around the league ever since, unable to stick as a backup largely because of that arm. He'd be a slightly more inspiring choice than Edwards, if for no other reason than his name.

Your thoughts on these quarterbacks?

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