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Falcons 28 vs. Buccaners 41 Final Score: It's Over

The Falcons' season is over. The team may finally admit it.

Al Messerschmidt

You knew as long as there was an outside chance at the playoffs that the Falcons would continue to proclaim that they were playing to win, that the season wasn't over, and so on. After the Falcons lost to the Buccaneers by a final score of 41-28 it's clear that it's over.

At 2-8, the Falcons are all but mathematically eliminated. They've lost four straight ugly games, and they acknowledged that the season is over by pulling Matt Ryan in the fourth quarter, bringing some young players into the game and playing like, you know, garbage.

So it's over. We all have to deal with that in our own way. Feel free to pour out your venting here and in Caleb's recap.