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Falcons Off the Field: Jonathan Babineaux

Jonathan Babineaux has been one of the Falcons' most consistent and productive defensive players on the field this season. Off the field, he's working to provide babies at an Atlanta homeless shelter with a little joy this holiday season.


Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux is committed to serving others. Babs actually has quite a list of charitable organizations that he lends his support to, not only financially, but by rolling up his sleeves and volunteering. Babs also invites his fans to support various initiatives as well, using his celebrity to benefit others who are truly in need.

Currently, Babineaux is encouraging fans to join him in supporting the Genesis Shelter in Atlanta. Genesis is in constant need of diapers to accommodate the homeless babies currently residing at the shelter. For Thanksgiving, Babs is encouraging Falcons fans to donate diapers to the shelter to help meet this ongoing need.

Babs is also leading a toy drive to bring the babies at Genesis Shelter some joy this holiday season. The shelter requires that each child receive the same toy (if you have children, you'll understand), so Babs has asked for fans to join him in donating 15 LOL Elmo dolls to the babies at the shelter.

You can keep up with Jonathan Babineaux's considerable, and consistent, efforts to benefit others on his Facebook page. If you're interested in helping to support his efforts off the field, you can also consider signing up to join Team Babineaux and serve as a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor to students in need with the United Way.

For details on other ways you can join Babs in helping the homeless infants at Genesis Shelter, please visit their website for more information on donating funds, goods, or your time as a volunteer.

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