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Jason Snelling Reportedly Arrested, Charged for Marijuana Possession

The veteran running back is reportedly arrested

Sam Greenwood

Jason Snelling missed practice today, and now we know why.

According to the Barrow County News, Snelling was pulled over this morning and arrested on pot-and-traffic related charges. Here's the full list:

He was charged with possession of marijuana – less than one ounce, possession of drug related materials, expired or no driver’s license, failure to maintain lane, failure to maintain insurance, improper use of dealer license plate and no registration.

You'll want to read the whole story, but suffice to say these are not major charges except for the fact that Snelling allegedly was driving around in a car without license plates in the wrong lane with some pot in the charge. It's the last thing Snelling or the Falcons needed, but I'm not getting too upset about it. We'll hear more details down the line, including any follow-up discipline from the team. Again, relatively minor charges here, all told.

I hate this season, nonetheless. With Snelling already questionable for Sunday's game, I wouldn't necessarily expect to see him suit up against the Buccaneers.