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How Will The Falcons 2013 Season Turn Out?

I'm guessing all of your guesses will be grim for the outcome of the 2013 Atlanta Falcons season.

Kevin C. Cox

I've heard some grim projections from you guys over the last few weeks, and I want to get them on the record at last. With seven games left in the season, the question becomes where you think the Falcons will end up.

I've been forced to steadily adjust my predictions downward as the year has worn on, and at the moment I'm thinking 4-5 wins total will probably be about where the team maxes out. More is possible but unlikely, less is certainly possible. Your mileage certainly may vary.

Share your projected final record with the class and tell us where you think the Falcons will end up in the draft. The Buccaneers game is just around the corner.

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