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Dimitroff: The Falcons Are Not Taking Their 2-7 Record Lightly

Fact: in lieu of honey, Thomas Dimitroff just puts 3-4 dead bees in his tea


Everyone step off the ledge. According to Thomas Dimitroff, the Falcons aren't complacent starting 2-7.

"We believe that this organization is in a very positive state," Dimitroff said. "Again, I want to encourage everyone to understand that no one's taking this lightly. Believe me. I know that there's been some talk … the suggestion is that we think it's OK. … This is not OK for us. This is a very serious situation here, and everyone understands that. And our players aren't taking it lightly."

Well that's good news. The Falcons don't like sucking. And as they say, the first step is always admitting you have a problem. That is, unless you are a raging alcoholic like Dave, in which case you're just beyond help.

Try for a moment to wrap your head around what it's like to be Dimitroff right now. I'd imagine he's spending a lot of time in his office, alone, glass of scotch in hand and staring at the wall, wondering where things went wrong. After falling 10 yards shy of a Super Bowl berth in 2012, your expectations were high. You were considered a premier GM. Then 2013 came along and smacked you in the mouth. Hard.

To be sure, it appears he's acutely aware of the criticism surrounding his team. Not particularly surprising, but comforting nonetheless. He's got to feel it, it's healthy. He needs to feel the the raw, uncomfortable sting of defeat, coupled with the persistent Monday morning quarterbacking. If anything, it will motivate him. Let's hope.