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Tony Gonzalez Injury: Gonzalez Misses Second Practice, Harry Douglas Absent

The Falcons' receiving corps could be decimated against the Buccaneers.


Never say "well, at least we've hit rock bottom." There's granite under that soapstone, y'all.

Tony Gonzalez went a second straight day without practicing, leaving his status for Sunday's game up in the air. Based on what I've heard in passing—that he was limping badly earlier in the week, that toe injuries can be a royal pain—I suspect that Gonzo's either not going or very limited for this week. Either one is bad news for a Falcons team that has gone from "high-flying offense" to "body floating face-down in a river" in the span of half of a season.

It gets worse, though!

No idea what's going on with Douglas, who could have injured himself at practice, could have a private matter to attend to or might be backpacking through the Alps. If the Falcons roll into Sunday with Roddy White, Darius Johnson and Drew Davis as their three top receivers with Levine Toilolo as their top tight end, the passing offense is likely to be stagnant at best.

UPDATE: It's a knee injury.

Corey Peters did return to practice and Jason Snelling expects to be a go for Sunday's game, but Malliciah Goodman is battling an injury and hasn't practiced yet this week. The hits keep coming.

Thoughts on today's injury report? We'll update with information on Douglas as soon as we get it.

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