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Tony Gonzalez Injury: Tight End's Status Unknown, Sam Baker Worries Mike Smith

Injury news for the Falcons, none of it good.

Joe Robbins

The Falcons came out of Sunday's game with more injuries, a fact I copied and pasted from the last eight Mondays. Fun season, no?

Mike Smith's press conference was not a jolly affair today, but it did have a couple of tidbits. Tony Gonzalez's toe injury leaves him a question mark, with Smith saying there won't be an update until Wednesday. He's also concerned about Sam Baker's ongoing injury woes

At least Roddy White came out of this game without aggravating any injuries, eh?

The Falcons have to hope Gonzalez is healthy enough to go, or they're not going to have enough firepower to do much even against the lowly Buccaneers. The line played much better against Carolina and went right back into the toilet against Seattle without Sam Baker, so that's also a major concern. The Falcons aren't going to win a lot more games, but it sure would be nice to not play hideous football every single weekend.

Finally, stay tuned for a roster move to make way for Sean Weatherspoon, likely in the next 48 hours. It'll be great to get 'Spoon back.

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