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Seahawks vs. Falcons: the saddest tweets ever

The Falcons looked terrible against the Seahawks, and fans on Twitter responded accordingly.

Scott Cunningham

The loss to the Seahawks marked the third consecutive game where the Falcons basically looked like they were unable to compete in any phase of the game. The defense started off strong, holding the Seahawks to field goals after allowing sustained drives, but the offense looked lackluster at best throughout the game. Whether it was fatigue, or ineptitude, or just flat giving up, the Falcons couldn't, or wouldn't, get out of their own way.

Most of us would have done well to follow Alice's advice before the game began.

It was so nice to see Roddy back on the field, even though he seemed to still be a shadow of his healthy self.

This "run game" is an ongoing source of frustration.

If, at any point in any game, Matt Ryan is your leading rusher, you have some explaining to do.

If there's one shining ray of hope in this season, it's that the Falcons are stocked with young defensive talent.

And, thank goodness for Matt Bryant and Matt Bosher. Seriously.

Darius Johnson scored his first NFL touchdown, which was exciting.

It feels like we ask this question in every single game.

The refs called a pretty obvious non-touchdown a touchdown, and nobody was impressed.

Thomas DeCoud has taken a huge step backward as a player. I like DeCoud off the field, but on the field, he is a disaster right now. I think Dave's nickname for him is going to stick.

I mean, what were the Falcons even doing on the field against the Seahawks? Does anyone have any idea?

Is there anything more emblematic of this 2013 season than Harry Douglas's fumble yesterday?

The most appropriate reaction to the current state of the Falcons is sadness.

Anger is also a reasonable response.

Maybe it helps to know that we're not alone in our misery?

Drinking seems to be the most popular coping mechanism.

Some fans are trying to look on the bright side.

Some fans think kitten gifs will help.

And plenty of fans remember too many seasons like this in Falcons history.

And some things are more important than football. Our most sincere gratitude to all who have served, and those who are currently serving, for your dedication and sacrifice.