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Falcons-Seahawks Post-Game Injury Report: Tony Gonzalez Suffers Toe Injury

Fact: Tony Gonzalez is made of bone, flesh, and space-grade scientific stuff.

Scott Cunningham

Another game, another loss, and yet another significant injury. Just when we thought this season couldn't get any worse, seasoned veteran and slayer of Starburst dragons, Tony Gonzalez, suffered a toe injury today.

Asked if he would be OK, Gonzalez responded, "We’ll see."

"I played on it," he said. "Wasn’t able to go full speed, but we’ll see how it goes the next day. Usually when you have injuries, you can get through it through the game. Then the next day after it calms down and swells up a little bit, then that’s when the trouble starts. So, we’ll see how goes. Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up, and hopefully it’s not that bad."

Awesome. It's sad to say, but an injury to Gonzalez doesn't necessarily matter at this point. If anything, it potentially gets Levine Toilolo and Chase Coffman more snaps, allowing the front office to see what they've got at the tight end position. One cause for concern is the safety of Ryan. With yet another target hobbled by injury, he's more vulnerable. I'd really like it [knocks on wood] if he can remain healthy for the duration of this very forgettable season.

The injury to Gonzalez didn't seem so bad during the game. He limped off the field, the trainers looked him over, he jogged a little bit, he made a few cuts, then he grabbed his helmet and went back in the game. But now there are reports of him limping around the Falcons locker room after the game. I doubt we will have much if any additional information about Gonzalez status until mid-week. Until then, let's just be miserable, because that's what fans of 2-7 teams do.