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Falcons-Seahawks Post-Game Recap: Seahawks Win Easily 33-10

The Falcons' season is now almost assuredly over mathematically.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks made it look easy against the Falcons today. Roddy White played, but he may as well have sat out. The lone bright spot in the game was Darius Johnson's touchdown catch. It's the first of hopefully many for the young guy.

Other than that, I have nothing positive to say. I want to find other positives, but there just aren't any. Following this is the drive-by-drive recap of the game once I finally was able to view it.

I missed most of the first quarter, but judging from the score, it was pretty uneventful aside from a William Moore penalty. So the Falcons stall a drive out ending the first quarter, and give up a field goal. Let's pick it up in the second.

Falcons 0 - Seahawks 6

The first (real) drive of the second quarter saw the introduction of Jason Snelling. He and Quizz took over for SJax for a few plays and it got a nice little run game going. Sadly, when SJax came back in, it slowed to a near halt. Matt Vick showed up for a play and got a nice 10 yard scramble. He's faster than he looks and I've said it before. He galloped. The drive ends on a crappy screen call but Matt Bryant nails a long field goal, showing why he's still the man. Drive takes up a nice chunk of the second half. It's amazing how tough the sledding looks when we're on offense compared to when they're on offense.

Falcons 3 - Seahawks 6

The game is, surprisingly, still within reach at this point. We'll see if the defense can grab some momentum. That was typed, of course, as Marshawn Lynch makes a mockery of an already oft-mocked defense. Honestly, I feel like I'm watching the Jaguars. The difference in ability on both teams is so noticeable, it doesn't even require a trained eye. That was, of course, typed just before that trick play that just scored a TD.

I just want to put this on record, a good defense either picks that off or breaks that pass up.

Falcons 3 - Seahawks 13

It's as if I curse the team as I type. I have just put the team down by about 5 scores, since the "T" word isn't allowed in our offense's dictionary. We never do fun plays like that. That's what desperate teams do. Now I feel like we're worse than the Bucs. I have to write this recap and I don't even want to finish. But ONWARD!

First play in the new drive is another running back pass. Why not just put 5 RBs out there? We've got just under 5 minutes to go in the half, let's see what the offense can do. Nevermind, let's just screw up an easy 3rd and 1 completion. I didn't see the beginning of the game, so I'm going to assume we got the ball first. (Turns out WE DID and we went THREE AND OUT. I don't even.)

Still Falcons 3 - Seahawks 13

So we're going to give them the ball back with about 4 minutes to go, just in enough time for them to score a TD and then get the ball starting the second half to score another one, effectively putting us down by like 15 field goals.

So their first play from scrimmage is a long Golden Tate catch-and-run. God, this is painful to watch. They just make it look so easy while we struggle to do the basics. 2nd down, Babs has Lynch in the backfield and misses. Someone else misses him, and he gains 2. Meanwhile, we don't block 5 people when we give SJax the ball on first down.

The announcers come back from the 2 minute warning praising the Seattle linemen. No, sir, you don't understand how much ATL is struggling. Falcons manage to stop a 3rd down. Nice hit on Wilson by Maponga.

Falcons 3 - Seahawks 16

There's too many damn Seahawk fans in the Dome. Matt Ryan's stats aren't what I'd call ugly, but they're not good. Strangely enough, he has more yards than Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton at this point. Only 40some yards passing at this point. First play is, shocker, an RB dumpoff.

So Matt Vick showed up today. I personally haven't seen Roddy White make a catch (he has 1), and Gonzalez has none. Falcons go three-and-out again. Matt Bosher puts another lick on a return man, and he saved a touchdown. Yuck.

Still Falcons 3 - Seahawks 16

Seahawks not stopping the clock, but they are moving the ball down the field. No surprise there. It's amazing what a...I can't even call their OL good. Is our DL that bad? They're as broken on the OL as we are anywhere, and we still can't get anything done.

Combo that with how bad our OL has played and how good their DL is...I'm crying in my head. Also Cincinnati has more penalty yards than offensive yards in the first half. Misery loves company. Seahawks drive the ball down to the 5, but a nice tackle by Robert Alford stops a potential Wilson running TD. Can the Falcons stop them on third down?

Turns out, no, they can't! Believe me, I want to use "SMH" on every other line I type. We sent a heavy blitz, none of it got through, and they make an incredible catch to put the game easily out of reach. It sounds like we're in Seattle, as a "Seahawks" chant has started in the Dome.

Falcons 3 - Seahawks 23

Watching this team makes me wonder whether we'll have another shot at the Super Bowl before Matt Ryan retires. Probably will, but yuck.

So we go into halftime, and thankfully the crowd booed the team and showed their displeasure. I don't like being mean on here, especially since I know some of the players read this, but I don't see the qualities of a winning football team here. I know that, we know that, but I can assure you they know it as well. Anything we say is only an echo of what they've told themselves, I'm sure.

So we go into halftime, it's Falcons 3 - Seahawks 23

I said that the Falcons would give up a TD before halftime and then allow another one after the half, because once again, we got the ball first. I said that, of course, before we stopped them with about 4-5 minutes to go. Thinking our O would do something, I gladly told myself I was wrong.

Turns out, I wasn't. So it's perspective time! :D Hooray everybody!

The only team losing worse than us at halftime is the Colts, who are down by 28 to the Rams. The Rams! The difference between their game and ours? Well, I don't even need to say it.

A Finding Bigfoot commercial came on during the half. Somehow Bigfoot is more believable right now than the Falcons' chances of winning a game. I wish the Bucs were better so that we'd lose out the rest of the season. Except they probably are better since they actually had a lead on the team we're facing. (Also, I just saw that a soldier lead the team out on to the field. Isn't that awesome? I think so.)

Seattle gets the ball first and immediately has a 10 yard run. Averaging 9 yards a play? Let's just throw in the towel while there's still some dignity left.

Interesting catch by Erin Andrews at the half. Spoon was sad during halftime, probably because he wishes he was out there and maybe he feels like he should be out there. Maybe he's sad because our season is over after this game. I don't know. But it's a good example of how, no matter what we say, the players feel ten times as strongly about this as we ever could.

Now Seattle chug-a-lugs down the field. Marshawn Lynch has 99 yards to this point. The Falcons have 46 combined rushing yards. Matt Vick has 15 of them.

Babs with a nice stop on 2nd down. Sets up 3rd and 15. The Seahawks elect to run a WR screen which is snuffed out easily by the Falcons. I wouldn't have run that play. Seahawks make even the field goals look easy.

Falcons 3 - Seahawks 26

Pete Carroll celebrating like he's winning the Super Bowl. Sorry bro, beating the Falcons isn't an accomplishment this year.

Matt Ryan has not looked like a good quarterback lately. It's tough to say why that is. The same kind of thing happened last year. He was in the MVP and "Elite QB" categories for about half the season, then the OL went to crap and he started playing like crap. This year, our OL has been crap the whole time, and only lately has Matty been crap. Coincidence?

Also, the Fighting Tavon Austins are up on the Colts 38-0. Good grief.

Gonzalez finally gets a reception for the 10,000th game in a row. Looked like he limped off the field. Sweet! The last reliable not-injured weapon is now injured.

Anyone still think we're not cursed? Or whoever cursed us in 1966 is still alive? We got so close to the SB last year, whoever cursed us was like, "Oh crap, need to re-up the curse", and so they did, and here we are, in ugly fashion.

Challenge by Seattle puts us at a 3rd and 1. Will we convert? Or will we fail to do so like earlier in the game? Will we run? Will we pass? Will we wave a white flag? We're not spread enough for a draw. And we do convert. Nice pass from Matt to HD that was catchable and then caught.

First down play immediately after? Garbage run blocking! Hooraaaaaaaay guys. You know we could have Jim Brown in his prime and we'd still manage to screw that up, just like Konz screwed up that screen by not blocking anybody.

Gonzalez makes a nice catch on 3rd down to continue the drive. Roddy White continues to be silent, which seriously makes me question his health.

Quizz plows ahead for 10, though he looked like he was ready to meet contact at about 2 yards. Quizz again for 3. Running game maybe picking up some steam now (What is a running game?).

2nd and 7, Matt gets sacked but man, I grimaced watching the replay of that sack. Personal foul, hit below the knees. Thankfully Matt's knees didn't go in funky directions. Drive is in the Dread Zone now. Also I just realized Lamar Holmes is in at left tackle. Is Baker hurt? Wouldn't surprise me.

First two plays in the Dread Zone, incomplete passes. Where have we seen this before. 3rd down, pathetic. Just throw the ball, dude. You don't need me to tell you that. 3rd and 5 now due to an offsides. Here we go again. Another pathetic play on 3rd down.

Feels like our playbook has about 20 plays in it.

4th down, here we go. 2/7 for the year (which is bad). Game on the line here. Hands of Truth makes an incredible catch! Matty delivered a missile perfectly to Darius Johnson. Right out of the Patriots playbook, the slant thrown at 100 mph.

One of the few bright spots on the team, Darius Johnson has taken this opportunity and run with it. Gotta love seeing him step up week after week. Falcons get it to (theoretically) within two scores.

Falcons 10 - Seahawks 26

Can the Falcons defense respond? It's a question posed on a drive-by-drive basis. Babs misses an incredibly easy sack on a tiny QB, and Wilson picks up positive yards. Turns out Mike Nolan was onto something.

Another chance to tackle for loss ends in a good tackle (but still positive yards). Worrilow has a nose for the football. If he can complete his game, he'll be a good option going forward. Same with Bartu.

Chance for the D to make a stop. Will they? Of course they don't. That was one of the worst air ball passes I've ever seen, yet we somehow manage to give it up. Here comes the game sealing score now. Announcers now pulling out obscure statistics to bash the Falcons. I don't like it, but let's face it, folks. It's totally deserved.

Another 10 yard run by Lynch. I feel like I'm watching UGA play Appalachian State. There is literally no comparison to these two teams. It required some herp derp penalties for the Falcons to score a touchdown.

Yes, Russell Wilson played for the Asheville Tourists, a place not far from where I am. Fun fact, their right field wall has their scoreboard on top of it. That plus the wall is higher than the Green Monster in Boston. Also, they started the term "Thirsty Thursday" (The more you know!)

They're just running the ball all over us. 57 on the ground for us, 167 for them. We'll probably beat our rushing average for the game, but we don't deserve to. We haven't even run like a 65 yards-per-game team.

Feels like a miracle we were able to beat them last year. It's incredible.

Lynch plows ahead to the 1. I have no doubt the Seahawks will go for it on 4th down from here. We'll see what the D does.

And of course, they make it look easy.

Falcons 10 - Seahawks 33

They showed a kid in a Seahawks jersey dancing going into the break. Don't worry, I trust that all of you thought the same thing I did.

Where have we seen this before? Here comes the Matt Ryan interception, making him look like a worse quarterback than he really is. He has not looked good this game, but it's not his fault. This OL is historically terrible.

Quizz returns the kick to the 18. I like that Quizz returns kicks, he usually gets to the 20, but we need elite speed back there. I feel like a kick return for a TD is too much to ask. Haven't had that since Weems.

First down, we get a horse collar tackle. That felt a little dirty. You're up by 23, just let him run.

Roddy White still has one catch on four targets. Is he healthy? I'm not buying it.

3rd down, we get another defensive penalty. Matt gets hit and gets up slowly. He's hurting, you can tell. Hell, he might've been hurt all this time.

Funny, HD fumbled the ball there. When he decided to cut back instead of going out of bounds, I thought to myself, "He's gonna fumble the ball." I hate my brain. Finally, a positive gain, and we still manage to screw it up. If this was every game in the 70s and 80s, I'm proud of any of you who are still fans.

Falcons 10 - Seahawks 33

It's amazing how perspective is in life. The Rams are embarrassing the Colts in Indy. Colts fans have it worse than we do this week. It's impossible to believe, but it's true.

So with this, the Falcons fall to 2-7. What an ugly record. We're not even in the "Good teams that have fallen down" category anymore, as the Steelers and Ravens are looking to finish up and improve their not-so-good records.

The Falcons, as much as it pains me to say it, are in the bottom tier of the league, with the Jaguars and Bucs. Has there ever been a more negative turnaround in the history of the NFL? I don't know, but since my online DirecTV stream has now broken (go figure), I'll look. The 1999 Falcons were 5-11. I'll look more on this later. I'm 2600 words in, you all have probably seen enough.

So there you have it, folks. The Falcons fall to 2-7 by a score of 33-10, or by my count, "A lot" to "Not a lot."

I'll be lurking in the comments for a while. Feel free to vent your frustration. I know we're all feeling it.