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Roddy White Injury: Receiver Questionable To Play Against Bucs In Week 7

Well, the hits start comin' and they don't stop comin'...

Kevin C. Cox

The injury report isn't even close to coming, but reporters sniffing around the battered body of Atlanta football are finding that Roddy White's hamstring issue is not as minor as we had hoped.

Again, nothing official, but with Roddy already dealing with a significant sprain, it's not impossible to think he might miss the Buccaneers game. If he and Julio are out, look for the Falcons to start Harry Douglas and Drew Davis, with Kevin Cone in the slot. Ouch.

It would be in both Roddy and the Falcons' best interest to sit him for a game if that's what it takes to finally get him healthy and effective. If the Falcons want to win games this season, they need the old Roddy White back.


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