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Julio Jones Injury: Star Receiver Is Out For 2013 Season

The star wide receiver is out for the year, and Falcons fans weep.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It is as we feared: The Julio Jones foot injury is going to cost him the rest of the season.

This is awful news, even if we expected it. Jones was having a fantastic season before getting hurt, placing among the league leaders in receptions and yardage and helping the Falcons make up for a gimpy Roddy White and lackluster offensive line. Without him, the entire offense takes a huge hit.

Going forward, the Falcons will be featuring Roddy White (when he's healthy) and Harry Douglas, with a likely free signing, Drew Davis and Kevin Cone sprinkled in. Matt Ryan's job just got harder, and Tony Gonzalez is going to get all the double teams he can handle going forward. In a year filled with brutal injuries, Julio Jones' impending trip to injured reserve might be the worst of all.

The best thing for Julio Jones and this football team at this point is getting him the surgery, giving him the months he'll need to help up and get him back at full strength for 2014. Certainly we're going to miss him, and we wish him a recovery as swift as his flight down the field.

Get out your angst, anger and mourning here.

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