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Jets Defeat the Falcons: An Injury Update

Fact: Geno Smith once tripped over a cordless phone

Kevin C. Cox

For what it's worth, the Falcons escaped their loss against the Jets relatively unscathed. Of course that doesn't ease the sting of watching your season go down the drain, but silver linings are cool and stuff.

Jason Snelling left with a head injury and his return was deemed questionable. He then underwent concussion protocol and the Falcons ruled out his return completely. With the bye week ahead, the Falcons can really take their time, making sure Snelling is ready to go before he returns. He nabbed his second touchdown reception of the season tonight, showing just how effective he can be end those red zone short yardage situations. Take note, Mike Smith. Besides, Steven Jackson has to be healthy again soon, right? [insert nervous gulping]

As if Roddy White's ankle injury wasn't enough to make you want to throw yourself off a building, he exited the game with a hamstring injury. Julio Jones would follow him after being shaken up on a play. To Jones' credit, he tried to go back into the game immediately, only to be drug back by Terry Robiskie.

All in all, not too shabby from an injury perspective. Then again, we lost to the Jets. So there's that.

Your thoughts?