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Asante Samuel Injury: Cornerback Could Return Against Jets

A lingering thigh injury may finally be improving for Asante Samuel.


Asante Samuel has had a rough start to the season. He's only played in two games thus far this season, and not even close to two full games. A thigh injury that has been hanging around from preseason has been killing the corner, who was a force for good in the Falcons secondary in 2012.

With all the terrible injury news we've been seeing, this is a little comforting: ESPN reporter Vaughn McClure believes Samuel is likely to return to action against the Jets. He's connecting a few dots to get there, but he clearly saw Samuel practice:

Based on the way he moved around Saturday, Samuel should be ready to go.

Maybe he's not your top choice for a returning player, given how woeful the Jets passing attack looks coming into this game. Doesn't matter. A healthy Samuel strengthens the secondary, which will hopefully increase Mike Nolan's comfort level with blitzing the ever-loving shaz out of Geno Smith. I'm on board with anything that helps to lead to that outcome.

Stay tuned for the inactives, but I'd be willing to bet Samuel will be ready to go. How about you?

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