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Falcons vs. Jets: Peter Konz Is A Player To Watch

Why? Because of the Jets interior defensive line, that's why.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have had no shortage of struggles along the offensive line. Most of the fire has been aimed at tackle, where Lamar Holmes has been a roller coaster and Sam Baker has been hurt. Quietly, though, Peter Konz has had a rough season.

Holmes has had the worse season overall, particularly if you look at his Pro Football Focus grade. Yet Konz has consistently been below average at center, a surprise for those of us who thought he'd step right in and play effectively at his natural position. He hasn't been the most natural run blocker and he's missed blocks, contributing to Matt Ryan's heightened fear of imminent death.

This is the game where we would all like to see Konz turn the corner. It would be a good sign for the offensive line, which needs to improve drastically. It would also be a sign that Konz himself is rounding into the form we've all expected since the Falcons made him their second round pick in 2012. He has a rough, rough matchup against Muhammad Wilkerson, so this would be the ideal week for this to happen.

So watch to see how Konz does this week. Let me know who your player to watch is.

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