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Tony Gonzalez Can Make History Against the Jets

Fact: Tony Gonzalez doesn't wear a watch - HE decides what time it is

Mike Ehrmann

Tony Gonzalez is a reception magnet. And if all goes according to plan, he will make history against the Jets.

First, he will jump 17 feet in the air, do a triple back flip, and ninja kick Geno Smith in the face. To be clear, it will be a standing jump, and he will start from the Falcons sideline. Roger Goodell will then fine him 2.7 billion dollars.

Second, by nabbing 1 or more receptions, he will become just the 2nd player to nab at least 1 reception in 200 consecutive games. He will be in good company, as Jerry Rice is the only other such player.

Rice, who played most for the San Francisco 49ers, caught a pass in 274 consecutive games.

“It’s something that I never thought would happen,” Gonzalez said. “I never even set out for it to happen. I’ve been very fortunate to stick around and be healthy to be able to do 200 games like that.

We probably won't truly appreciate Gonzo until he's gone. It's just too hard to wrap your head around his greatness right now. It's like light up sneakers and Salute Your Shorts - they made the early 90s awesome, but alas, they're gone forever now. Luckily we still have 12 more regular season games with Gonzo as our starting tight end. Here's to making history!

Your thoughts?