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The Falcoholic Expert Picks: Week 9

Spoiler alert: our writers did not universally pick the Falcons this week.

Christian Petersen

It's Thursday, and you know what that's time for the Falcoholic staff's expert picks for this week's slate of games.

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Needless to say, we're all a little skeptical that the Falcons can beat the Panthers in Carolina this week. Frankly, Carolina's defense is just as good as Arizona's, and we all know how poorly things went last week for Atlanta's offense. Nevertheless, I'm picking the Falcons, because I refuse to pick the Panthers, and Alex is picking the Falcons because he didn't send me his picks, and I picked for him.

The Bengals will take on the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football, and Dave, Alec, Caleb and I are all taking the Bengals. With the exception of their absolute beatdown of the Jets last week, and a ten point win over the Steelers, the Bengals' wins have all been close. Miami hasn't won a game since they beat the Falcons in week three, and they're at home on a short week, so it's possible that James and Alex (because I also decided that Alex is picking Miami) are correct.

The Saints play the Jets this week in New York, and only Alex and I are picking the Jets to win. The Saints are coming off of a win over Buffalo, and the Jets are coming off a meltdown against the Bengals. However, the Jets did beat the Patriots, and the Patriots beat the Saints, therefore the Jets should be able to beat the Saints, particularly at home. Fingers crossed.

How much of a train wreck will the Bucs/Seahawks game be? The Seahawks looked a little shaky against the Rams on Monday Night football, but the Bucs are, well, the Bucs. This one is at Century Link Field, and the Bucs are probably going to get hearing damage from the 12th Man on top of their MRSA. There aren't enough Schiano Men in the world to save the Bucs from a loss to the Seahawks. Alex is the only one who picked the Bucs this week, because making Alex have terrible picks is funny.

Colts at Texans is the Sunday Night game, and everyone but Alex (again) is taking the Colts in this one. The Colts have beaten the Denver Mannings and the Seattle Seahawks, two of the better teams in the league this season. The Texans have basically imploded, like Alex's picks this week.

On Monday Night Football, it's a NFC North division showdown, with the Bears visiting the Packers at Lambeau Field. The Bears are looking to gain some ground in the division with an upset win over the Packers at home, but Green Bay has been firing on all cylinders despite a lot of injuries. Everyone but Alex is taking the Packers in that one as well. Boy, Alex is bad at this.

What are your picks for this week's games?