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Falcons Injury Report: Roddy Still Out, Jason Snelling Returns to Practice

Good news, bad news.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If you're holding out for Roddy White returning to the field this weekend, maybe don't read this. If you want good news about Jason Snelling, read this.

The Falcons are practicing for the Panthers today, and as anticipated there's some guys returning to practice. The good news is that Sam Baker, Akeem Dent and Jason Snelling all are practicing, which increases the chances they'll be on the field against the Panthers. Whatever your feelings on Baker—I'd prefer to roll with Lamar Holmes at left tackle, given the need to develop him—if he's healthy he can only help this line.

The only guy still missing is Roddy White, who didn't practice again but was spotted wearing his hat:

Also, he might be limited if he does come back, which I'd like to avoid entirely:

If I had to guess, I'd say Baker makes his return but Roddy misses another week. That'll mean more chances for Drew Davis and Darius Johnson to prove themselves against a Panthers secondary that isn't as strong as the Buccaneers' or the Cardinals'. Let's hope they can do great things.

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