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Which Carolina Panther Would You Take For the Atlanta Falcons?

Which Panther piques your interest?

Kent Horner

The Falcons are playing the Panthers this weekend, which looks like it's not going to be a lot of fun for Atlanta fans, at least on paper. Regardless of the outcome of the game, perhaps you would like to steal a player or two from Carolina.

I understand that impulse. I've compiled a short list of Panthers that Falcons fans might be interested in, though it's by no means an exhaustive one. If you've got a better candidate, please be sure to share him in the comments.

Jordan Gross

He's older, sure, but he's a steady, quality presence on the left side of the Panthers' line and an excellent run blocker. He'd solve the Falcons' woes for the short-term, at least.

Ryan Kalil

You could have Peter Konz, who is struggling badly, or you could have a three-time Pro Bowler who is just 28 years old. I don't really have to think twice about this one.

Charles Johnson

A glaringly obvious choice. Johnson already has six sacks this season, has piled up 49 for his career and is just 27 years. He's also signed to a long-term contract and would serve as the team's best defensive end by a long shot immediately.

Star Lotuleilei

The Falcons have quality defensive tackles. They don't have a potentially dominant rookie who eats running backs alive, though. I wouldn't mind adding the Star.

Luke Kuechly

Have you ever complained about the Falcons not making tackles? Luke Kuechly makes all of the tackles.

Pick your Panther.

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