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Falcons' New Stadium Will Likely Cost Additional $200 Million

Fact: Arthur Blank once beat the sun in a staring contest.

Kevin C. Cox

We've heard about it, we've read about it, and now we're trying to pay for it. On Tuesday the Georgia World Congress Center Authority board of governors approved the budget for the Falcons' new stadium.

Officials have approved the design and a preliminary $1.2 billion budget for a new Atlanta Falcons stadium.

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority board of governors on Tuesday unanimously approved the complete schematic design and the budget, which is up $200 million from the previous estimate.

When I say "we're trying to pay for it," what I really mean is "the team is trying to pay for it." For now. With Arthur "Pockets Full o' Monday" Blank behind the wheel, I have no doubt they will come up with that money, at least on the front end.

The extent to which that cost will be passed on to the consumer remains to be seen. We already know season ticket holders will be made to pay for the right to retain their seats. Next thing we know, hot dogs are going to cost $17! Kidding. But to be honest, I'm guessing the building of this stadium will only get more arduous with time. More money. More problems.

Your thoughts?

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