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Falcons Injury Report: Just A Flood Of Hurt Falcons For Jets Game

It's the first day of the injury report, but the list is long already.

Kevin C. Cox

I feel like collectively we've all gone out of our way to avoid attributing significance to the Falcons' injuries. I mean, no one wants to be picked on for being a whiner, after all.

Consider this, though: The Falcons may head into Monday Night Football against the Jets down their....deep breath...starting running back, starting left tackle, one reserve right tackle, starting defensive end, three linebackers who have had starting roles at some point this young season, and a starting cornerback. Also, one of their top receivers is still limited.

Hey, at least Julio Jones is practicing, right? Paul Worrilow is also not practicing at this point, in case you wondered. This is a football team with some serious injury issues, even if the next couple of days bring better injury news.

Do you think these guys will play?

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