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Tony Gonzalez Trade Rumors: Still Unlikely

Could Tony Gonzalez be moved? Sure. Could I turn into a fire-breathing sparrow? Also possible, I guess.

Chris Graythen

The big question for Falcons fans today is whether Tony Gonzalez will be moved at the 2013 NFL trade deadline. My guess remains no, but I won't be able to totally rule it out until 4 p.m. comes and goes.

When he was first asked about it, Gonzalez was pretty emphatic about wanting to stay in Atlanta. Since then, of course, the Falcons have dropped to 2-5 and the season is more or less a lost one. He's moderated his tone a bit in his latest comments to ESPN's Vaughn McClure, signaling that if the Falcons found a partner willing to give them a quality asset, he wouldn't fight it.

"But, like I said, I love my guys on this team too much to go ask for a trade. It would be something that would come from them where they said, 'Hey, it makes sense because we could get something good for you and send you to a team that's a contender.' So I understand the thought process behind that."

The odds are against Gonzalez being moved, for the simple reason that the Falcons probably can't get the caliber of pick they'd need to get in order to make Matt Ryan's life that much more difficult for the rest of the season. It would likely take a fourth rounder to do it, and contrary to what every delusional fan I hear from on Twitter wants to tell me, teams aren't looking to roll a third or fourth rounder over for a half season of a tight end who is planning to retire heading into 2014. If the Chiefs were willing to give up a fourth to re-add Gonzo to the fold, I have to believe the Falcons would consider it. If not, he'll remain in Atlanta.

Do you think Gonzalez will be moved?

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