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Falcons vs. Cardinals: a Tweet Recap

During games like yesterday's, Twitter can serve as a type of therapy for Falcons fans. Observe your fellow Falcons fans going through the stages of grief in today's tweet recap.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

The Falcons have certainly been hit with some bad luck so far this season. From losing Mike Johnson in preseason, to the season-ending injuries to Kroy Biermann, Bradie Ewing and Julio Jones, not to mention the extended absences of Steven Jackson, Roddy White, and Sean Weatherspoon, the injuries have undoubtedly been horrible, horrible luck. We're reminded of that bad luck every time that Julio Jones Visa commercial is aired.

But when a black cat crosses your path in pre-game, it's getting a little bit out of control.

And when the Falcons are starting an offensive series inside their own one-yard line, and Tony Gonzalez is flagged for a false start, you know your luck is pretty terrible.

And I won't even elaborate on this tweet regarding a possible injury to Matt Ryan.

Atlanta's defense looked solid to start the game, but it all fell apart pretty rapidly.

It was a long day for the pass defense.

During the game broadcast, it was revealed that the Atlanta defense had allowed opponents to score on 22 of 22 trips to the red zone. That's abysmal. Immediately after that stat was shared, the Falcons allowed a Carson Palmer touchdown pass to a wide-open Larry Fitzgerald.

Suffice it to say that the Falcons offensive line had a pretty rough day.

And there was basically zero success rushing the ball.

Tony Gonzalez is so good that teams have to basically physically assault him to cover him, and the refs are apparently totally fine with that.

The Falcons offense continues to struggle in the red zone.

Matt Ryan has been great this season. He was not great yesterday, for myriad reasons. He did make a couple of bad decisions. Arizona seems to have Ryan's number for whatever reason. The offensive line was bad, and there was no help on the ground.

Despite the fact that, aside from the loss to the Cardinals, Ryan is having an exceptional season, there seems to be a knee-jerk "trade Ryan" reaction that accompanies losses this year, and that is honestly not a good idea.

Special teams were a bright spot in a bad day. Robert McClain looked decent returning punts, Antone Smith proved why he continues to take up a roster spot despite rarely getting snaps at running back, and Matt Bosher recovered his own onside kick, which was ridiculous.

Some fans have learned over the course of the season to take things in stride and look for the positives, although they seem to be few and far between.

Some fans are developing other coping mechanisms, like drinking, or talking about beer and kittens, or imagining that the Falcons were replaced on the field by a high school team dressed as the Falcons for Halloween.

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