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Falcons vs. Cardinals: Tony Gonzalez Is Your Player To Watch

The tight end has a chance to have a huge game against the mighty Cardinals defense.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons will need to whip the ball around to beat Arizona, given their stout run defense. Doing so would be much easier if they can get Tony Gonzalez going.

Teams have abused the Cardinals via their tight ends this season, with seven touchdowns in just seven games. Aside from Jimmy Graham, none of the tight ends who have gone off on Arizona have been in Gonzo's league. They can double team him, but it might not matter.

If Gonzo can step up and provide a security blanket for Matt Ryan, it makes life easier for the ground game and the rest of the Falcons' depleted receiving corps. If he can be a true weapon in the red zone, it should keep the offense from stalling out inside the 20. And frankly, I'd be stunned if the Cardinals didn't get a penalty trying to beat him up off the line of scrimmage, because that seems to be a popular strategy.

I'll pencil Gonzalez in for seven catches, 70 yards and a touchdown.

Who's your player to watch?