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Falcons vs. Cardinals: Which Arizona Player Would You Bring to Atlanta?

The Falcons may look better on paper, but the Cardinals have a ton of intriguing talent.


The Arizona Cardinals have been through a lot in recent years, but there's plenty of reason for optimism in the desert. They've got a killer defense, a promising young back in Andre Ellington and some nice pieces at receiver and along the offensive line. They're probably a dynamic young quarterback and another quality draft away from contending, but I think they'll get there, even in the crowded NFC West.

Cheer aside, we're going to sift through the roster and try to figure out one player we would like to be an Atlanta Falcon. Take a moment to peruse the roster and give us your choice in the comments. I'll help you get started with a few standout players.

Larry Fitzgerald

One of the greatest wide receivers of his era. You're telling me you wouldn't want him even if Julio Jones and Roddy White are healthy?

Jonathan Cooper

He's lost for the year, but Cooper has all the makings of an elite guard who can block for the quarterback and maul in the run game with no problem. Healthy, he's a building block for an offensive line, and I'd love to have him.

Darnell Dockett

Sure, he's 32 years old, but he's also a dominant defensive tackle who gets after the quarterback.

Daryl Washington

Just 27 and one of the three most dominant interior linebackers in the game today. He'd be such an enormous boost to a depleted linebacking corps that I almost can't wrap my head around the upgrade.

Patrick Peterson

I love our rookie cornerbacks, but c'mon. Dude is ridiculous.

Who would you choose?

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