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Falcons vs. Buccaneers: Matt Ryan Is Your Falcon To Watch

It couldn't be anyone else, with the way this season is shaping up.

Scott Cunningham

The Falcons have a tall task ahead of them this Sunday. They've got to overcome a tough defense down multiple weapons, and the man tasked with doing so will be Matt Ryan.

Ryan's the obvious choice for Falcon to watch. Not to dropkick a dead horse, but he's got no Julio Jones, no Roddy White and no Steven Jackson. Unless the Buccaneers are idiots, they're going to double team Tony Gonzalez. That means Ryan's best weapons will probably be Kevin Cone, Drew Davis, Jacquizz Rodgers and Levine Toilolo. Oof.

To provide enough offense for the Falcons to win, Ryan will have to be excellent. He'll have to get rid of the ball quickly, find the (potentially only) open guy and avoid turnovers. It says something about Ryan's general excellence this year that I'm confident he'll step up despite the enormous challenges facing him.

Keep an eye on Ryan.

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