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Matt Ryan And Julio Jones Are On Pace For Some Big Numbers

The dynamic duo are bright spots in an otherwise dismal start to the year.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons are having a disappointing season, but there are still individual bright spots to be found. The Matt Ryan to Julio Jones connection is one of those.

Ryan's had a few disappointing throws and Jones is second in the NFL in drops, so there are certainly flaws to be found in their games. They're still keeping the Falcons competitive each week and putting up some huge numbers in the meantime.

Right now, Ryan is on pace for 5,320 yards, 32 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. The yardage would be a career high by about 800 yards, but it's attainable given the way the Falcons have been flinging the ball this year. He's also completing 66.5% of his passes.

Jones is on pace for 132 receptions, 1,924 yards, and eight touchdowns, which would seem like preposterous numbers if he wasn't Julio Jones. As it is, they merely seem a little absurd.

The Falcons need to start winning football teams, but make no mistake: The Ryan to Jones combination gives them one of their best chances to do so.

Thoughts on the projections?

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