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Football Gods, Save Matt Ryan: How Will They Keep Their QB Upright?

The Falcons have a tall task ahead of them keeping Matt Ryan upright. How will they do it?

Scott Cunningham

The Falcons play the Buccaneers this weekend. The Bucs can rush the passer. The Falcons are down a tackle, two wide receivers, a running back and a (largely unused) tight end. Uh oh, you say.

So let's think this one out. You're the Falcons, you're trying to win this football game and hopefully many more after it, and to do that you need a healthy, effective Matt Ryan helming the offense. How do you ensure that happens?

I have my own suggestions, but I don't want to color the debate too much. If you would, offer me your three-point plan to protecting Ryan, ensuring he gets rid of the football quickly and using the limited weapons the Falcons now have as effectively as possible.


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