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The Falcoholic expert picks: Week 7

The Falcons are back this week. Will we all pick them to win? Probably.

Scott Cunningham

After taking a week off to rest, recover and cry feebly in the corner, the Falcons are ready to take the field again Sunday against the Buccaneers. Mike Glennon will be making his second career start at the Dome, so Atlanta should have a good shot at winning for once, right?

The Saints are off this week (fine by me), so we had five games to choose from between the NFC South and prime time matchups. Take a look at our picks for Week 7.

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Well, three of my nine incorrect picks came from the Falcons. But once again, we're all on board. If Atlanta doesn't win this game, I don't know what to say. Bucs/Glennon on the road, a franchise ready to revolt (again) against its head coach. The Falcons (should) claim victory.

Everyone is set with the Seahawks, and most of us feel the Broncos will beat the Colts on the road. James picked the Chargers to win last week, but now he believes Indy takes it to Denver at home. Interesting.

The Rams-Panthers and Vikings-Giants matchups are complete toss-ups once again. I felt Minnesota could best Carolina in Week 6, and I couldn't have been more wrong. And will New York really start 0-7? Monday night could be a trainwreck potentially exciting!

What do you think of this slate of games in Week 7?