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Which Tampa Bay Buccaneer would you take for the Falcons?

If you could only choose one, who would it be?

Al Messerschmidt

With so many trade rumors and grumbling going on about the Falcons' current players, you may find yourself sending longing glances at other rosters. With that in mind, who would you take from this week's opponent, the mighty (?) Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Despite their ugly record and the off-the-field messes swirling about this team, there's real talent here. If you could only steal one, who would you steal?

Doug Martin

An obvious choice. Steven Jackson's banged up and 30, and Jacquizz Rodgers looks like a long-term complementary back. Martin's off to an anemic start in Tampa Bay, but there's no question he's a gifted young back who could be featured for the Falcons.

Vincent Jackson

Sure, he's 30, but Jackson is a true deep threat who would stretch the field for the Falcons and erase a lot of this team's concerns at wide receiver. His 15.6 yards per reception would easily lead the Falcons thus far, and it's his lowest average since 2007.

Demar Dotson

It's not secret the Falcons have struggled at tackle, and Dotson has been one of the league's best in the early going here. Stability in the form of a 6'9", 315 pounder who is just 28 years old? I'd take that.

Lavonte David

As a 22-year-old rookie, David had 139 tackles and two sacks. This year, he's got four sacks already. The Falcons are perilously thin at linebacker, David is young and could be a defensive building block. I'd gladly empty my piggy bank to aid in the effort to acquire a 23-year-old stud linebacker.

Darrelle Revis

He wore a Falcons hat in the offseason!

Who would you add to the Falcons?

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