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Koetter: Injuries May Limit Falcons' No Huddle Ability Going Forward

Fact: Dirk Koetter makes even numbers look odd.


I don't know about all of you, but it's hard for me to avoid downright giddiness when Matt Ryan runs the no huddle effectively. It makes me happier than Caleb at a Pokemon convention. But alas, with Julio Jones out for the season and Roddy White still not 100 percent, we will likely see less no huddle in the immediate future.

"The no-huddle is still going to be effective," Koetter said Tuesday. "People seem to have misconception that the words 'no-huddle' equal scoring points. You still have to have the right play on and execute the right play."

So apparently Koetter doesn't think the no huddle should be the default approach in the Falcons' offense now. He's not overtly saying that, but there certainly seems to be some reluctance regarding no huddle. Maybe he doesn't think it's the best approach going forward. I disagree.

First, let's acknowledge that Koetter isn't some kind of no huddle guru. It's something he's used over the years, but it's not an essential or fundamental part of his approach. With that said, we can all agree Matt Ryan has had plenty of success running it. He's earned the right to do things on the fly, and his understanding of the playbook is as good as it will ever be.

In my mind, there's a very large disconnect here. I'm not trying to create drama where there isn't any, but Koetter is seemingly questioning the cries for no huddle. People want to see the no huddle, and Koetter is pushing back. Ryan likes the no huddle and wants to run it, but he may not get his wish. The question is whether that's a problem.

Let's consider Koetter's potential thought process here. Is Koetter pushing back because he doesn't think the remaining personnel can get it done? If so, then why did they spend all that time honing and refining the no huddle during OTAs? The absence of Jones and White shouldn't rule it out, in my mind, especially if Steven Jackson returns anytime soon. I can't imagine their intent was to do all that preparation and then just have it be an option they occasionally employ. This isn't rocket science, it's just common sense. Am I insane? Am I overreacting here? Discuss!