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Steven Jackson Injury: Running Back, Others Not Practicing Early

The injury report is likely to be lengthy this week vs. the Buccaneers.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

We're one day away from the official injury report, but I have no rays of sunshine to scatter about. Things are looking grim early on.

You gotta take some of this with a grain of salt for two reasons. One, reporters are now only allowed out there for a brief portion of practice, and it would not stun me to learn that the Falcons are holding guys back for secrecy's sake and to spite the media. Secondly, it's Tuesday. A little early yet.

That said, this is worrying precisely because of what we've already heard and known: None of these guys are locks to play. Coffman is a surprise and non-essential, all things considered, but White, Baker and Jackson are all starters. Jackson was supposed to be back by now. The line isn't playing any worse without Baker, which is why the Falcons probably aren't rushing him back.

White's the biggest concern. A hobbled Roddy hasn't been a boon to this offense by any means, but with Julio Jones gone, the Falcons are suddenly down to Harry Douglas, Kevin Cone, Drew Davis and Brian Robiskie at receiver. You can expect Douglas to be a target monster for Ryan, with Tony Gonzalez, Levine Toilolo and Jacquizz Rodgers getting heavily involved if White can't go.

On the plus side, though, Asante Samuel is looking good. Plenty of cornerbacks to slow down Mike Glennon.

Your thoughts on who will play this weekend?

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