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What Should We Expect from the Falcons' Tight Ends Going Forward?

Fact: Levine Toilolo once made a Happy Meal cry.

Scott Cunningham

We're one week into a probable revamping of the Falcons' offense, because let's face it, Julio Jones' season-ending injury changed things. It immediately made our vertical attack mediocre-at-best. And with Roddy White hobbling around like an alcoholic grandma, Matt Ryan's not likely to stretch the field much in the immediate future.

I'm hoping the Falcons brass is taking this two week hiatus to construct a viable plan of attack for the rest of the season. I'd expect Tony Gonzalez, Levine Toilolo, and Chase Coffman will be a big part of the Falcons' game plans going forward.

"But, yes, [more two-tight-end sets] would be an option for us as well[," said head coach Mike Smith.]

Gonzalez has been an integral part of the offense the entire season and is second on the team with 33 receptions, right behind the injured Jones (41). Gonzalez has been targeted 47 times, also right behind Jones (59).

Teaming the 6-foot-5 Gonzalez more with 6-foot-8 Toilolo won't exactly give the Falcons the type of tandem the New England Patriots had in recent years, but quarterback Matt Ryan will need such big targets to compensate for the loss of the 6-foot-3 Jones.

Gonzalez is, of course, a known commodity. He hasn't slowed down much if any and there's no reason to think he can't maintain. Toilolo and Coffman don't have the luxury of sitting on the sideline and observing anymore. It's time for them to put their big boy pants on and perform. Coffman still isn't 100 percent, but Toilolo showed us in the Jets game that he can be a red zone threat. Don't be surprised if you see Toilolo and eventually Coffman on the field at a considerably higher clip in the games to come. If anything, we will see just how creative Dirk Koetter can be given less-than-ideal personnel.

Your thoughts?