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What Position Do The Falcons Need The Most Help?

Injuries, injuries everywhere.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think I need to tell you the Falcons have had enough injuries to last an entire decade, let alone a single season. With the injuries abound, what position needs the most help? Whether it be a savvy veteran, an upstart rook, or David Lee Roth Choate, what position needs help and needs it now?

Is it linebacker, with a bunch of new faces?

Is it wide receiver, where everyone except Harry Douglas shows up to the Dome in a Hover Round?

Is it offensive line, where we've gone from "minor inconvenience" blocking to "excuse me, I'm sorry" blocking?

It's none of those.

It is...

Drum roll.....


That's right. Fire Matt Ryan, Dom Davis, etc. I want Johnny Manziel.


Just kidding. I hope Manziel doesn't come within 1000 miles of Flowery Branch.

The position I think the Falcons need the most help in is defensive end. The linebackers are young, yes, but there's some talent to be had there. Osi cannot and will not be able to carry the team by himself. The young DBs are fine. The growing pains are there, but they're growing. We picked two DBs I expect to be with the team for years to come. As such, no help is needed with them.

Our pass rush, save for literally Osi, has been abysmal. I think the Chiefs had 10 sacks in their game on Sunday? Something absurd like that. Do we even have 10 on the whole season? We had 5 against the...Dolphins? And we still lost. We need more than just sacks, we need a consistent terrorizing of the QB.

Our second best DE (and perhaps best all around defensive player) has been out pretty much the whole season. Our DTs have been alright. I don't know about stopping the run (Do they even call it "stopping the run" in Atlanta anymore? I feel like it's "Slightly allow the run").

I would be alright with getting a top flight DT. Interior pressure, in my opinion, is far more devastating to a passing attack. The problem with that is the Russell Wilsons and Colin Kaepernicks of the world laugh at interior pressure because mobile QBs are like using cheat codes they can easily move outside of the interior rush.

You could make an argument at this point for one of any number of positions, but my choice is defensive line and, to a more specific extent, defensive end.

What's the position you think needs the most help for the Falcons to move forward?