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What Role Does Jacquizz Rodgers Have With Steven Jackson's Return?

An open question for fans of the powerful back.


The Falcons paid lip service to the idea that Jacquizz Rodgers could be a featured back in the NFL, and then went out and promptly got Steven Jackson. So ended that talk.

Sort of, anyways. With Jackson's multi-week injury, Rodgers stepped in the lineup. His 3.4 yards per on 52 carries looks pretty gruesome, but then you remember that this is one of the five worst run-blocking lines in the NFL right now, and it looks a little better. He also reeled in 17 catches for 109 yards this season, and he's just 23. Jacquizz is, at the very least, a quality complementary back, especially behind a decent offensive line.

The question now is what happens when S-Jax returns. It seems likely that Jackson will be back on the field against the Buccaneers, having had several weeks to rest up and clearly chomping at the bit to get back. Because Jackson can run, block and catch, it would seem like Rodgers' value would be neutralized. I'm not entirely sure that's true.

Yes, absolutely: Rodgers is going to get fewer carries. He's going to struggle to get double digit carries and possibly even touches, but there's room for him in this offense. No other running back here has the agility he has, and he's still a damn fine blocking back. I think he'll still get his fair share of snaps.

What do you think?

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